. if you are looking for a heating system that is more cost-effective and efficient than old-fashioned radiators, you should consider underfloor heating. This kind of heating has been growing in popularity as new technologies continue to help make underfloor heating more affordable consumers. These days, underfloor heating can cost about as much as air conditioning repair in Woodlands, TX.

When you use underfloor heating, your home can retain heat better, thus requiring less energy to maintain warmth. This not only helps decrease your utility bills but makes your home more comfortable. This is because the underfloor heater heats up the floor itself, where traditional radiators quickly cool down once they are turned off, and the heat they produce begins to rapidly evaporate. It is a good idea to have an efficiency test performed with any heating system you install so you can determine how effective your home is insulated and ensure your heating system gives you optimal performance.

infrared floor heating system under laminate floor

Underfloor Heating Systems

When looking at underfloor heating, there are two systems available: water-based systems and electric systems. A water-based system uses gas, so they tend to be more efficient to run. They cost much more to install, though. Electric systems are less expensive to install, and can even be done by the homeowner themselves, but they cost more to run over the long term. Both systems work great, so it becomes a personal choice as to which one you should install. Typically, people lean more towards using the electric system for smaller rooms and a water-based system when heating the entire home.


Provides Comfort

homes that use underfloor heating tend to be a lot more comfortable. For one, it is nice to be able to walk around and feel the warm floor beneath your feet. Secondly, the room temperature is more consistent since the heat is coming through the flooring. You will find that one area of the room is just as warm as another area, unlike with a radiator system that uses convection. You will no longer have to fight for a warm spot to sit near the radiator on those cool nights.

Hygienic Underfloor Heating

When you use any kind of convection heating, such as a radiator, your flooring will stay cold and your floor may become damp. This greatly increases the chance of dust mites, a pest that many people despise. Dust mites love to breed in these areas.

When you install underfloor heating in Tomball, TX, though, creepy crawlies such as dust mites will not be able to breed or live there because the environment is too dry and warm. This is great news for anyone who suffers from a respiratory illness such as asthma or allergies. In fact, studies have shown that dust mites are decreased by up to 80% in the home by simply installing a radiant heating system such as underfloor heating. This alone can help your family, friends, and guests feel more comfortable in your home.

Underfloor heating assemblies typical


Underfloor heating can be used with most types of flooring. Your flooring may limit the kind of underfloor heating system you can use, but this is generally not the case.

Many people believe that under floor heating relies on a solid form of flooring such as stone or tile. These beliefs likely come from their experience with underfloor heating in quality hotel bathrooms. This is not necessarily true. Underfloor heating can be used under most types of floors, such as laminate, carpet, engineered wood, vinyl, and more. Of course, installing the system under solid flooring is more effective than under carpeting, but still, use it under carpeting to heat your home.

Room Temperature Flexibility

When it comes to underfloor heating, each room is given its own dedicated thermostat. That way, you can heat individual rooms for the comfort of the people using them. Radiators, on the other hand, have thermostatic valves fitted on them that tend to be unreliable. They also give you less control over the temperature in the room. By installing a good underfloor heating control system, you can easily save money by lowering the temperature. You will be turning off the system in rooms that are not being used as much while, at the same time, keeping the used spaces warm. This is a wonderful feature for those who like to control the temperature in their own space.

Underfloor Heating for Open Living Spaces

Using underfloor heating can help open space all throughout your home. Radiators stick out from the wall, taking up space. They can also be quite the eyesore. Keep the room with a more open feel by using underfloor heating. You also help free up space throughout your home that can be used for adding furniture. Many contractors build new homes with under floor heating for this reason. It not only looks better but adds more space to the living area.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using underfloor heating in your home. Not only does this form of heating cost as little as AC repair, but it can help you better manage your energy usage. And it creates a home that is more comfortable for your family, friends, and guests.