The modern AC runs through an accurate balance of components. All of that adds toward making a house feel cool and inviting during a humid Woodlands, Texas summer. Every part of an AC should remain in good functioning condition. There are a few of these parts that warrant special attention. One is the AC compressor which is basically the heart of an air conditioner. Without a working AC compressor, you don’t get cool air at all.

man detecting ac compressor problemDetect an AC Compressor Problem Early

If you have problems with your air conditioning compressor or if it fails and you need to have it replaced, call a Woodlands professional AC repair contractor. The sooner you call, the less time you have to sweat it out with a non-functioning air conditioning system.

A split A/C system is what you typically find in most residences. The AC compressor is situated in the outdoor unit or condenser. Its role is to circulate the refrigerant (freon) needed for heat exchange through the coils. These coils are in both the indoor and outdoor components. Another job of the AC Compressor is applying the energy to the refrigerant. The electricity that is remitted to the AC Compressor is the power needed to provide cooling.


A Stressful AC Compressor

The AC compressor experiences a good deal of stress during a cooling season in Texas. It will wear down the same way a motor will. Grime and dust pollution also will affect it, making it stuck. This will halt the cooling cycle and typically the compressor must be replaced. A breakdown in the compressor’s motor will stop cooling as well. AC compressors can acquire leaks at their connectors, making a loss of refrigerant. Any decline in refrigerant can lead to damage to the air conditioning compressor.


woman with an ac compressor problem

Stop the Madness

A great way to help prevent the costly replacement of an AC Compressor is yearly maintenance checks. A technician will clean the AC Compressor 2 or more times a year and ensure it is running properly. This is a great way to catch issues early before they become a bigger financial problem. Refrigerant is expensive to replace. Catching a small leak early will save you a lot of money in the long run. leak detection tools are used to detect a possible leak early. The A/C technician will also perform pressure checks on his yearly maintenance check that will aid in spotting problems early on.


Being sticky and hot on any summer Texas night is unbearable. Do you need an assessment for your A/C and your A/C parts examined? Get in touch with a Woodlands, TX AC repair contractor.