man with fan needs air conditioning repair in Tomball TXWhen Air Conditioning Repair is Needed

HVAC systems are designed to keep the occupants of homes, retail properties, offices, and other places happy and healthy all around the world. And when your a/c fails, when do you call in an air conditioning repair specialist? Your HVAC unit may need some help staying in top condition. When your system is not functioning properly, your HVAC system can have reduced efficiency and performance and, if it isn’t fixed quickly, making cause some health problems with the occupants.

Typically, these malfunctions are caused by issues that are relatively simple. The malfunctions may not be easy to spot for those not trained in HVAC maintenance, though. If your HVAC system does not ventilate the areas it is supposed to or has been showing signs of water damage, you may want to investigate further before you call a service technician for a replacement. Most of the time, your HVAC system can be brought back to working order by finding a simple solution to your problem. If you can’t fix the problem using the simple ideas in this article, you can schedule your air conditioning repair specialist in Tomball, TX to help solve your HVAC problems.

Poor or Restricted Airflow

air conditioning repair due to dirty filterNot receiving adequate ventilation throughout the property is one of the most common complaints received from HVAC users. If the airflow of your system is restricted, it could because by a couple of reasons. Clogged air filters are one of the most common reasons ventilation is restricted. These air filters are made to collect and trap dust particles and pollutants before they get into your HVAC unit. If the air filter becomes overloaded, the air allowed to pass through them can be limited, thus causing restricted airflow. You should change out your filters monthly to avoid having this issue.

If you still have airflow issues after you changed the filter, you may be having issues with the internal components. When you are evaporator coils receive ventilation that is insufficient, they will not work properly and will freeze up. Over time, the entire unit can be damaged if this problem persists. Defrosting the coil and replacing the filters is typically the route to go for solving this issue. Having AC repairs done regularly with help you keep a check on your system.


Leaking Ducts and Water Damage

Overflowing ducts and drain pans are typically dealt with by building maintenance teams in the corporate setting. Surplus water drains into the drain pan, but when humidity levels increase rapidly, these pans can quickly become overwhelmed. Most of the time, ice melting from component parts that have been frozen cause this problem. When your HVAC system is inactive and shuts down, the ice on these parts melt and start to pour out of the unit.

When this isn’t taken care of immediately, the overflowing water may start to drench the surrounding ceiling or walls. This damage is many times not noticed until the situation is quite bad and beyond control. You need to have your HVAC unit checks for maintenance every few months to prevent this from happening. If you notice signs of disconnected ducts or excess water in the system, you need to have your HVAC system repaired immediately to keep further damage from happening.

HVAC System Not Cooling the Property

The HVAC system failing to cool the entire property is another common complaint. When the weather is hot out, and your air conditioner is running at full blast, the air inside of your unit may stop cooling. Low refrigerant is typically the root cause of this problem. Refrigerant (freon) is used to draw the heat out of the air as it flows through your HVAC unit. Without the refrigerant, your air conditioner is unable to do its job and will simply blow out same air that it takes in.add freon to your air conditioner for repair

By simply running a diagnostic, you will know if you need to add refrigerant to your AC unit. Just remember, there is a reason why your refrigerant is low, so you likely have a leak somewhere. An air conditioning repair company can help you find any leaks and get your AC unit running up to par.

Heat Pump Running Constantly

Your heat pump may run continuously when there are extreme conditions, but if the weather outside is mild, your continuously running heat pump may indicate problems with the component. Your heat pump can typically be fixed by simply insulating the outdoor unit or removing external influences such as ice. If this doesn’t help, you may need to call in the professionals from Woodlands, TX to help you solve your issues.

To optimize the performance of your heat pump, you may simply need to service and clean it. You may also be losing heat through the system because of ducts that are oversized or poorly maintained. These problems can cause your heat pump to run longer to reach the temperature you desire. The solution for this is to fill the gaps in the ductwork or replace it completely.


Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your HVAC system up and running the way it should. If not, be sure to call your AC repair professional to help your system continue running for years.