You want to learn all you can about your A/C Repair Contractor. The heat and AC system is one of the most difficult systems in a residence. It’s crucial that the heat/AC service contractor you get is well-skilled to handle the serious safety issues in heating systems and/or cooling systems that utilize toxic refrigerants like Freon.  An A/C repair contractor has a vital role in the comfort level of your living space, as well as air quality and safety. Think about these factors when looking at A/C repair contractors.

The following checklist will help narrow your search:green check mark


Know the insurance and license prerequisites for contractors in your area. When you call a contractor, you should have the model number and manufacturer of your current system. Having its maintenance history is helpful too. Also, be sure to relate info about any room that is hot and uncomfortable. This will help would-be contractors better know your AC & heating needs.


Ask everyone you know for A/C Repair Contractor referrals. Another good source of info is trade organizations in your area.


Ask contractors for references and make sure you call them. When you call, make sure to ask about the A/C Repair Contractor’s service performance. Ask other questions like if the work was finished on time and is it within your price range.

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The contractor should spend a good amount of time assessing your current system and home to know your needs. A larger system isn’t always the answer. A contractor should give you a heat and AC system according to your home’s size, insulation level, and windows. A good contractor will examine your duct system for leaks and measure airflow to ensure it meets manufacturers specs.

Estimates in Writing

When looking over the bids from the contractors, make sure you compare prices, energy effectiveness, and warranty info. A cheap price isn’t what’s best for you if it won’t be effective and your energy bill increases.


Get and sign a contract with a contractor before the job begins. It gives you protection by spelling out costs, model numbers, work schedule and warranty info.